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During May 2003, I went to Russia with three friends and compiled this journal of my Moscow vacation.

Fort Worth, TX Jul 2007 a few shots from a business trip
Las Vegas, NV
Jul 2007 another trip, a few less dollars
Shiner, TX
Mar 2007 the greatest little brewery in Texas
Inks Lake, TX
Nov 2006 camping with our new friend johnny trevino
Houston, TX Nov 2006 a quick fall trip to the houston zoo
Wisconsin Oct 2006 the wisconsin dells and madison
Tucson, AZ Mar 2006 springtime in tucson
Moscow, Russia Jan 2006 the coldest honeymoon ever, part 2: ringing in the new year
Moscow, Russia Dec 2005 my second trip to moscow and the coldest honeymoon ever!
Las Vegas, NV Oct 2005 i managed to snap a few pictures before and after i got married
Houston, TX Sep 2005 hurricane katrina threatened houston but nothing more
Lake Travis, TX Jun 2005 ben and amy's boat for a weekend on the lake
Houston, TX Apr 2005 roger clemens gets his seventh cy young award
Brazos Bend State Park, TX Mar 2005 where the wild things are 
Katy, TX Oct 2004 replicas of the emperor qin's terra-cotta soldiers at the forbidden gardens
Houston, TX Oct 2004 around the house, a playoff game and a lunar eclipse 
Galveston, TX Sep 2004 lawren, alex, jen and i went to moody gardens before lisa's wedding
Houston, TX July 2004 from the home run derby at baseball's 2004 all-star game
Chicago, IL May 2004 a quick trip to the windy city for alexifer's wedding
San Antonio, TX Mar 2004 we visited the alamo and natural bridge caverns
NASA, TX Jan 2004 a day trip to the johnson space center with lawren, trex and chris
Inks Lake, TX Nov 2003 camping with trex and the usual suspects
Cleveland, OH Oct 2003 downtown cleveland on an overcast fall day
Portage, WI Sep 2003 a quick excursion to the state of my birth
Moscow, Russia May 2003 over 100 photos from a two-week trip with alex, lisa and chris
Mexico Oct 2002 spontaneous getaway to cancun with monkey girl, j-love and the red menace
Houston, TX Oct 2002 M&M actually traveled all the way downtown for this one...
Gottlieb Houston, TX Feb 2002 my sister's english mastiff... and yes, she's still a puppy
Port of Houston TX Feb 2002 touring halliburton's msv subsea viking
Pacific Northwest Jan 2002 exploring oregon and washington with ol' mark p 
Bastrop State Park TX Nov 2001 a warm fall weekend amidst the pine trees
Wisconsin Oct 2001 the sylvan cemetery, portage, madison and the minneapolis airport
Star Wars: The Magic of Myth Houston, TX Jun 2001 mfah hosted this touring exhibit, and i got in free!
Las Vegas NV Jun 2001 psssst... while taking pictures in vegas, you can't lose your money
San Antonio TX May 2001 a photo safari to the botanical gardens
Tucson AZ
Mar 2001 trips to tohono chul park and biosphere 2
Washington DC
Dec 2000 a whirlwind tour of the district of columbia
Oct 2000 the colors were changing that day, my friend...
Seaside FL
Sep 2000 "the truman show" town and site of duncan's wedding
Denver CO
Aug 2000 it was a business trip so all I got were airport pictures, okay?
Road Trip
Apr 2000 on the road to las vegas, courtesy of mark's digital camera
Tucson AZ
Mar 2000 the sonoran desert and diamondbacks' spring training
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge TX
Jan 2000 not just another camping trip
Buescher State Park
TX Nov 1999 camping with the trex in the texas state park
Wisconsin Sep/Dec 1999 portage, milwaukee and points in between
San Antonio TX Aug 1999 this completes the big-cities-of-texas tour begun in 1997
Grand Canyon AZ
Jul 1999 a tour via helicopter from las vegas
Tucson AZ
Mar 1999 more blue skies of arizona
Tucson AZ Nov 1998 fall in the catalina mountains' sabino canyon
Houston TX Oct 1998 flooding in george (not dubya) bush park
Hoover Dam Jul 1998 it really is as big as it looks
Las Vegas NV Jul 1998 i may have lost my money, but at least i still have my memories
Johnson City TX Apr 1998 a small town photo safari
Enchanted Rock Apr 1998 a photo safari to the texas state park
Tucson AZ Mar 1998 yeah, it's more of the desert...
Garden Ridge Mar 1998 my mother's backyard is kind of odd
Houston TX Jan 1998 downtown for jerry's running of the houston marathon
Madison WI Oct 1997 a visit to frank lloyd wright's menona terrace
Tucson AZ Sep 1997 you'll notice i go to tucson a lot...
Houston TX Summer 1997 another M&M photo safari, another texas metropolis
Dallas TX
Summer 1997 the first M&M downtown photo safari
Tulum Mexico
Spring 1996 black and whites from ancient mayan ruins

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